Citation by H.B. Callen,
Chairman, IUPAP Commission on Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics

Ryogo Kubo: Boltzmann Medallist 1977

On the behalf of the Commission for Thermodynamics and Statistical MEchanics, I hereby award the second Boltzmann Medal to Professor Ryogo Kubo, the University of Tokyo. The award consists of a gold medal, and is given every three years in recognition of outstanding contributions to statistical physics.

Professor Kubo is honoured for his contributions to the theory of non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, and to the theory of fluctuation phenomena. He is cited particularly for his work in the establishment of the basic relations between transport coefficients and equilibrium time correlation functions: relations with which his name is generally associated.

Professor Kubo obtained both his Batchelor's and Doctors's degrees at the University of Tokyo, serves on its faculty of physics, and has been Dean of its Faculty of Science. He has been active in IUPAP as Chairman of the Commission on Magentism (1963-66), Secretary of the Commission on Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics (1963-66), and as a Vice-President of IUPAP (1972-). He Has been President of the Physical Society of Japan, and is an honorary Foreign Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and of the National Academy of Sciences. He has been the recipient of numerous awards and prizes, including the Order of Culture (Japan), The Nishina Memorial Award, the Matsunaga Prize, the Imperial Prize of Japanese Academy, and the Fujiwara Prize.