IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Statistical Physics

Name of the Prize IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Statistical Physics

Frequency/Venue Up to three prizes, awarded every 3 years during the STATPHYS conference.

Criteria for selection The prize is given for a specific outstanding achievement in the field of statistical physics.
The recipient should have a maximum of 8 years research experience (excluding career interruptions) following the PhD.

Nomination procedure Anyone who is not a member of the selection committee may submit one nomination.
Self nominations will not be considered.
Nominations are to be sent to the chair of the C3 commission and should include:
  1. A 1-2 pages long description of the work of the nominee citing the specific achievements for which the prize should be considered.
  2. A brief biographical sketch
  3. A list of the most important publications.
Selection Committee The selection committee is composed of all members of the C3 commission.

Type of the award The prize consists of $1000 plus a medal and a certificate.