IUPAP Commission on Statistical Physics (C3)


Current Members Boltzmann Award Report Statphys21


In 2000 there was one topical conference sponsored by IUPAP in the field of statistical physics, namely the meeting held on 20 TRENDS IN THE FRACTAL ASPECTS OF COMPLEX SYSTEMS in Maceio, Brazil, Oct. 16-20, 2000. It was attended by about 150 participants from 15 countries and organized by Prof. Marcelo Leite Lyra of the Departamento de Fisica, Universidade Federal de Alagoas, Maceio 57072-970, Brazil.

The Commission on Statistical Physics in the year 2000 was mainly engaged in two activities, namely the organization of STATPHYS 21 and the selection of the next Boltzmann Medalist(s). The STATPHYS meetings are the main scientific events in the field of statistical physics, the next one will be held in Cancun/Mexico from July 15-21, 2001. Members of the Commission have formed a Steering Committee together with the local organizer from Mexico City, Prof. Alberto Robledo. A preparatory meeting at the conference site was held from June 1 - June 4, 2000. The information on the program of this conference can be found on the website http://varea.ifisicacu.unam.mx/statphys.htm

The second activity, the selection of the Boltzmann Medalists, was started with a CALL FOR NOMINATIONS that was published in the journals PHYSICA A/Statistical Mechanics and its Applications and JOURNAL OF STATISTICAL PHYSICS and it was also distributed electronically to all colleagues that are on the mailing list of the Rutgers Statistical Mechanics Meetings which are regularly organized by Professor Joel Lebowitz. As a result of this publicity, 30 nominations and many supporting letters were received (the deadline for nominations was July 1st, 2000). All this material was copied and sent to the 26 members of the selection committee (this committee includes not only all members of the C3 Commission, but in addition also all previous awardees).

After three rounds of votings, it was finally decided that the Boltzmann Medals 2001 (which will be awarded at STATPHYS 21 at Cancun) will go to Berni J. Alder (USA) and Kyozi Kawasaki (Japan).

At STATPHYS 21 the Commission C3 will hold its next regular meeting, where also the site of STATPHYS 22 in the year 2004 will be decided. Mainz, January 31, 2001.

Kurt Binder, C3 Chair